HPE Launches Investigative Analytics to Address Compliance Risks

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 9, 2016

NEW YORK, NY: HPE has announced a new software solution–HPE Investigative Analytics– designed for financial institutions and other regulated organizations to tackle and mitigate compliance risks. The solution employs machine learning and archiving software to identify fraudulent patterns and anomalies in structured or unstructured data. Investigative Analytics will relieve financial institutions from the multi-billion dollar fines paid for failing to meet compliance requirements, the company said.

Investigative Analytics probes structured data from sources such as trading systems and risk systems as well as data from unstructured sources like email, IM, and voice archives by integrating HPE’s Digital Safe, Supervisor, IDOL and Vertica. It offers a single window for both structured and unstructured data from a curated data lake. Furthermore, it detects potential threats leveraging investigative analytic human behavior models and measures them against Key Risk Indicators (KRIs).

"A software solution like the one from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which delivers insight into both structured and unstructured data to not only identify and analyze risk events, but also take action to prevent them is quickly becoming an industry mandate," said Laura DuBois, Group Vice President, Enterprise Storage, Servers and Infrastructure Software, IDC.

Investigative Analytics is a complete surveillance and analytics solution that delivers rationalized results and actionable insights by securing access, auditing, and streamlining the data lake through the capabilities of HPE IDOL and Vertica. Additionally, the solution, which is built on HPE hardware, software, and cloud infrastructure, offers reliability across organizations with a 200x hit rate on identifying potential risks in comparison to other compliance management systems.

"With HPE Investigative Analytics, we have built on our strong heritage in compliance and analytics software to deliver a solution that analyzes more data at a deeper level than alternatives to deliver the greatest amount of insurance possible to our customers," added David Jones, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Information Management & Governance, Hewlett Packard Enterprise.