Human Robots - Making Strides in the Construction Industry
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Human Robots - Making Strides in the Construction Industry

By CIOReview | Friday, May 10, 2019

Picture a machine that bears all the loads and payloads while still functioning precisely at human discretion. That's the concept behind human robots. The technology incorporates a robotic exoskeleton on a human to enhance productivity and reduce worker’s effort.

The suit is highly dexterous and is designed to ensure workers' safety. An exoskeleton resembles a suit and is astonishingly robust. It can provide uninterrupted service of up to four hours and lift 80 pounds of load. Another important observation is that this technology does not result in elimination of jobs. Instead, human robots will enhance a worker’s productivity and longevity, as most of the physical is performed with the help of the exoskeleton suit.

Why do we need human robots?

A human robot performs hours of intensive labor without showing any signs of fatigue. As a result, a robot is much more efficient than human. A human cannot match the precision with which a robot carries out its tasks, but there is always a need to monitor the machine. In this way, a human with the help of the robot significantly increase the outputs. Further, the built-in software manages the activities that can be performed while wearing the suit. It enables the free movement of the worker and helps them to control the flow of the machine in a way they would like to.


A human robot requires minimal training as it is designed in such a way that it understands and imitates the natural human movements intuitively. The in-built software system ensures the wellness and safety of the construction workers. Its force feedback mechanism allows the user to accomplish even those tasks that require high precision. Overall, it's an "easy to use" technology that has tremendous potential to simplify the complex physical tasks involved in the construction business. Its practical uses and effectiveness are the tools required to survive the cut-throat competition. The Human Robot technology promises a great future for those who are willing to accept and implement it.

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