Intaact Helps Revamp Rave Mobile Safety's Financial Structure
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Intaact Helps Revamp Rave Mobile Safety's Financial Structure

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 9, 2016

FRAMINGHAM, MA: Rave Mobile Safety is a data and communication software firm that helps public safety agencies in saving lives. Rave has a set of applications like the Smart911, SmartPrepare and RaveAlert to name a few, which help in providing effective and quick response to emergencies; both to individuals and to masses.

Rave’s growth in the industry was abrupt, but they faced a few challenges during this quick transition. Their legacy accounting software could not cope with the growth rate of the company which led to a lot of process having to be done manually. The systems billing, CRM integration and reporting capabilities were below par. And their revenue system as a whole needed to be reconstructed. In order to overcome these flaws, Rave sought out AcctTwo, an accounting firm specializing in cloud-based accounting and financial management software. In accordance, AcctTwo superintended the integration of Rave with Intaact ERP platform.

This move strengthens Rave’s entire financial structure. Intaact’s integration with Salesforce provides Rave an improved collaboration between its sales and finance wings. Also, since Intaact provides automated reporting and revenue recognition capabilities, errors due to human parallax are cut short. With Intaact being cloud based system, Rave’s finance and management systems are able to process transactions and view reports whenever and wherever they want.

"In spite of how robust and sophisticated Intacct is as an accounting system, we've found it to still be very user-friendly. AcctTwo took charge of the implementation from the beginning, and I have only positive things to say about how that process went. We would certainly want to work with them on any future projects," said Michele Iovino, Accounting Manager, Rave Mobile Safety.

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