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Integrate These Three Strategies for a Secure DevSecOps Culture

By CIOReview | Thursday, December 6, 2018

DevSecOps is the process of integrating security practices within the DevOps process for organizations that are undergoing a digital transformation as modernizing with the existing environment can lead to cyber issues. From moving from one innovation to another, organizations need to address the complexities of each technology and also consider the security concerns.

However, DevSecOps comes up with a paradigm shift in which organizations need to have a dynamic approach to security depending upon the continuously changing environments. To advance from DevOps to DevSecOps, an organization has to integrate security from the elementary level of the software development cycle.

Listed below are three ways to build up a DevSecOps culture.

1. Single source of truth

Having an only source of data is essential to ensure the accuracy of information for everyone. An organization needs to plan the source of data, the collection procedure and how to share that data. To streamline the handoff amid collaboration tools, chatbots and more, organizations need to integrate their full tool stack and workflow and also harness automation.

2. Security is a priority

Entirely relying on firewalls and antivirus for primary security measures isn’t a good idea. Preferably, an organization must focus on using a risk-based approach instead of a reactive one which means it is significant to identify areas that need protection, why it should be protected and what measures should be taken to do that. Threat security should not be just limited to an external factor, but there are equal chances of threats happening internally.

Organizations must be proactive and must avoid spending valuable resources to address threat issues that could have been prevented in the first place.

3. Comprehend the surrounding

Although DevOps include necessities like process, collaboration, and automation, it comes at the expense of other things such as privacy and security.

As organizations are moving to the cloud, the threat landscape is increasing.  Therefore, it becomes vital for an organization to monitor everything from operating system logs and directory systems to DNS and servers. One must ensure that their teams must communicate and collaborate rapidly to address issues before it impacts the business.

The ultimate aim for the organization for adopting DevSecOps is always about minimizing the financial impact on the organization.  DevSecOps is the next revolutionary step, and its integration is essential for a secure framework.

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