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IoT platform and how to choose the right one

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 16, 2019

IoT accomplishes a single mission which is interconnectivity. Choosing the right medium is a daunting task as the technology solutions are enshrouded with mysteries and marketing buzzes. Following are some of the ways to choose the right one:  

Measuring ROI (return on investment): Intelligent device development is directly related to the ROI of the company. They should make a roadmap for the development of the technology before opting it. The total sum of expenditures for the platform should be lower than the total revenue of the company.

Retrofitting the platform: Companies should not focus on single device in the network for development. They should ensure that their platform of choice is capable of being retrofitted for different purposes. They provide numerous opportunities for networking between devices to retrofit the code to suit the need of the company.

Checking the update consistency: The medium need constant updates as they can stagnate without it. Companies should check the update and development history of the it before committing to any of them. They should opt for popular, up-to-date, and flexible platforms to not to worry about development updates. Also, the development team behind medium should be able to deliver bug fixes, customer support, and new features.

Delivering with versatility:  Companies should not rely on one form of data delivery. Problems as the power outage, connection error, a bad firmware update may happen and devices may become unusable. IoT platform that any company opts for, should have several delivery methods available as cloud, on-premise, and edge deliveries.

An unexpected update may corrupt the code and customers may get their data breach. Companies should have plans regarding the IoT platforms in advance.