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Key Strategies to Realign Skilled Workforce, Nourishing Talent Management

By CIOReview | Friday, June 28, 2019

Tech skills form a significant part of today's corporate requirement sphere. Companies struggling to meet the demand can manage to do better with a few fundamental changes in approach.

FREMONT, CA: Evolving technologies have changed how companies function. These changes are driving the requirement of a workforce which has technical skills and expertise. However, the supply of such talent is limited due to various reasons. This creates a hurdle for companies looking to hire. In such a situation, it becomes imperative that companies find ways to deal with the tech skill shortage in possible ways.

• Re-skill Employees

Providing existing employees with continuous training can solve the crisis to an extent. Through relevant training, companies can equip the workforce with new skills and capabilities. To some companies, training might come across as an expensive option, but when compared to the cost and effort of hiring new candidates, it becomes more viable. Investment in improving the skills of employees also helps companies to retain talent.

• Expanding and Redefining Search

The conventional method of application assessment is mostly based on the criteria of qualifications and relevant work experience. The scope of talent search increases if recruiters include more criteria into selection processes and make it flexible. The source of talent is also very scattered these days and strategizing about where to look for talent is essential. If recruiters leverage the power of social media and online forums, the outreach of recruitment notifications increases substantially.

• Fresh Talent, Apprenticeships and Mentoring

Educational institutes might not be proficient in providing industry related knowledge or skills to students, thereby compromising on their employability. The industry can play a role here by taking up fresh talent and students for summer internships and mentoring. These practical experiences prepare the candidates and help them accumulate technological skills better.

• Re-imagining the Workforce and Prioritizing Retention

Companies need to change their perspective about age and experience if they want to enhance the quality of their hires. They should understand the nature of technological talent they need and focus on acquiring the same. In a time of shortage, companies should also pay importance to retention. Retaining valuable employees by keeping them satisfied will help businesses in adding value to their tech teams.

The issue of tech skill shortage can be successfully addressed with a modern and flexible approach to hiring. With companies re-thinking their strategies, one can expect sufficiently good workforces to be possible.

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