Konica Minolta Medical Imaging Comes Up with New Computed Radiography System

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 15, 2015

WAYNE, NJ: Konica Minolta Medical Imaging, a developer of Digital Radiography, Ultrasound and Laser Imaging solutions is releasing new Computed Radiography (CR) system ‘SIGMA ll CS-7s’ to offer high quality imaging to hospitals, clinics and private practices.

CR systems are similar to conventional radiography that utilizes electromagnetic radiation to view the internal structure of an opaque object, but CR generally uses an imaging plate (IP) made of photostimulable phosphor to create image. Konica Minolta CR solutions powered by intelligent algorithms include XPRESS CR, NANO CR, IMAGEPILOT and IMAGEPILOT SIGMA which provides efficiency, durability and reduced ownership cost.

Now the latest and flexible CR model utilizes Control Station similar to AeroDR wireless flat panel detector which incorporates Konica Minolta’s Cesium Iodide (CsI) scintillator that equips high detector quantum efficiency (DQE) for high-quality images, assuring affordable upgrade to Digital Radiography (DR).

"The SIGMA II CS-7s brings together fast, high quality imaging with advanced functionality that offers the flexibility needed in today's changing healthcare marketplace," says Ron Batory, Product Marketing Manager, CR and Conventional Imaging.

The SIGMA II CS-7s CR system is easy to use and features modality worklist, multi-patient or trauma software and web-link capabilities along with the REGIUS SIGMA II reader for DR and two 14" x 17" plates. Backed with Konica Minolta's unique Hybrid Premium Imaging Processing Algorithm, it helps healthcare organizations to gain fast and high patient imaging efficiencies to maximize workflow, productivity and return on investment. Konica Minolta's SIGMA II CS-7s facilitates users with option to stay with CR or move to DR in the future. CR utilizes cassette that houses the imaging plate, however DR generally captures the image directly onto a flat panel detector without the use of a cassette.