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MICROS Adds iRiS Software Systems to Enhance Mobile Guest Interaction

By CIOReview | Friday, May 16, 2014

COLUMBIA, MD: MICROS Systems, a provider of information technology solutions for the hospitality and retail industries has announced the addition of iRiS Software System’s hospitality guest service applications to the hosted MICROS Commerce Platform.
MICROS' recently released MCP provides for the integration of content across a single site, including the integration of multiple third-party solutions.   iRiS’ award-winning guest service applications, iRiS Valet, iRiS F&B, iRiS Lobby, iRiS Mobile Concierge and iRiS Spa will now be part of the MCP community.
“We are pleased to offer the iRiS hospitality guest services applications, which deliver an exciting mobile guest experience that fully integrates with our MICROS solutions installed around the world. The ability to connect an unlimited number of third-party solutions to our customers in such a seamless manner through the MCP management module is a key capability of the MICROS Commerce Platform.  With MCP, our customers can focus on their brands and guest engagement as MICROS has made the technology easy,” stated Tim Brown, SVP eCommerce, MICROS. 
“iRiS is delighted to announce that MICROS has chosen to partner with us to offer our products to the market on a larger scale. The partnership validates our position as a leading platform for guest facing applications and enables us to continue investing in our core technology. By bringing together operational and guest-facing products, our customers can deliver the kind of services already enjoyed by the airline and banking sectors. Our joint offering allows customers to be more flexible with their business models, drive new revenues and maintain stronger communications with guests pre-, during and post-stay. This is a very exciting time for the industry as a whole and MICROS is ideally positioned to help the industry deliver on its goals,” stated Chris Atkin, Chief Commercial Officer, iRiS.

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