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Most Exciting Robotics Applications to Know

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 29, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Robots are ready to move beyond their current niche position to take up a much broader range of roles across many industries. Collaborative and service robots are already helping firms support workers, assist retail shoppers, or engage banking customers. They were once confirmed to safety cages in the manufacturing sector, programmed to perform the single task correctly, over and over again. They are deployed at such a high scale because of their precision and intelligence. 

The growing use of AI and robotics in public safety and security is leading to a more diverse and powerful force against threat landscape. Patrol robots, predictive analytics at IoT scale, game theory based monitoring are assisting enforcement agencies in maintaining security and safety.

In entertainment, domain robots are used to offer more personalized and interactive experiences. For instance, there are autonomous robots in theme parks to entertain visitors and are receiving positive feedback from guests. In the filmmaking arena, robotic stunt doubles are used to perform risky stunts to record realistic action sequences.

The agriculture industry has become more advanced in the use of sophisticated machines that can autonomously navigate, harvest crops, plant, and filter out weeds. Robots are increasingly used, for pollution monitoring, plant nursing, or seeding new corps. Demand for robots has been high in the industry due to labor shortages.

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Robotic-assisted surgery is changing the face of the medical world today. It enhances the surgeon's capabilities in multiple ways in complex surgical procedures. It directs surgeons having the control of the computer console to move instruments attached to robotic arms.

The underwater robots can dive deep and longer compared to any human, and provide an up-close look at marine life, a fortune for aquatic enthusiasts. The most commonly used underwater robots are the remote-operated vehicles (ROVs), controlled by humans at the command center. These ROVs are connected by cable to ships and are dubbed, as the best tool for gathering data and images of life underwater.

Robotically controlled machines give astronauts the chance to explore space in the most mind-boggling ways. The most commonly deployed space robots are the Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) and the Remote Manipulator System (RMS), both of which, are used in several space missions.

As robots themselves get better, cheaper, and faster, their importance is growing. Now it is time for businesses to prepare themselves to take maximum advantage of an increasingly able robot.

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