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New AI's Way of Transforming the HR Units

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 12, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that culminates the creation of smart machines that work and reacts like humans. AI technologies have a well-reformed information system that makes them more adaptive to humans, improving the interaction between humans and computer systems. The concept of this advanced technology has been creating a buzz across the globe for decades. AI has enabled the growth of the machine the ability to perform cognitive functions related to the human mind with the help of Machine Learning (ML) ability.

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AI has instated to infiltrate board rooms by engaging the workforce. Employees manage their time more efficiently and also add strategic value to the business with this approach. AI has abilities that can solve multiple business problems. It holds the potential to make a tectonic shift in different enterprises with full-scale automation and augmenting human capabilities by scaling up in efficiency & productivity.

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The scope of AI in Human Resource (HR) is vast. HR is one of the core functioning units of a company. Adoption of AI can transform HR units for short and long-term benefits. New employees have a curiosity towards the new environment and want to acquire information which they usually may not know where to go. Many organizations are now creating that will answer job-critical questions for the new bees to help get them up to speed fast.

Cognitive engines help employees to make day-to-day decisions in the workplace. Request for vacations, training teams, mood analyzer, and recruitment process, are tasks that HR team members have to handle, and this system helps them with that. To predict future behavior, large companies have been collecting data on their customers to gain meaningful insights. AI helps in determining the data to track, analyze, manage, and protect to enable its role within the department. AI allows the HR department to automate all their low-value-added tasks by increasing focus on more strategic work.

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The HR technology landscape keeps getting disrupted by AI. The HR team should balance cognitive tech advancements with complete transparency. To reduce risks of injecting bias into their programs, a clear understanding of decision-making is essential. This further helps employees in trusting the new technology better.