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New Ways to Execute Visual Search in Marketing

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Visual search technology is continuously improving while visual search usage is expanding across various platforms. This presents a massive opportunity for marketers, particularly in the e-commerce industry. Visual search cannot be confined to a click and buy strategy but can be used as a part of an effective merchandising strategy to create a more personalized and unique shopping experience during the browsing or discovery phase.

With customers eager to go visual it is smart to leverage the visual search trend to push engagement and conversion. Pioneers ready to adopt this change will benefit definite advantages. Words are the only elements considered when trying to understand customer sentiment and brand perception. Here image recognition technology allows marketers to spot surprising product placements and hidden trends, assisting in identifying an innovative strategy or an influencer for marketing the product. Visual search can contextualize a brand allowing spotting recurring associations and unleashing new marketing opportunities. The emerging trend of visual listening where conventional social media listening principles are combined with advanced image analytics and visual search algorithms gives insights into product feedback, customer sentiment, market threat, and user-generated content.

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Marketers were limited to a few standard practices in the early days. But today so much of traffic being routed through image search marketers get an excellent opportunity to represent brands and push sales visually. Badge features which include products, recipes, and videos are labeled in visual search. The metadata on product description ensures a better Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which will help product appear in similar items or related items results.

A significant advantage of using visual search is that users can easily take a picture of the expected product and find the matching item instead of going through hundreds of near matches. Incorporating visual search in the mobile application can let the user search for desired products based on their interests, instead of a more tedious keyword-based search. Visual search also simplifies the tracking process in which images leading to direct purchase and marketing efforts in these areas can be used to drive better results.

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