OneStream Integrates Consolidation, Financial Reporting, Budgeting and Forecasting for Cleaver-Brooks

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 4, 2016

ROCHESTER, MI: OneStream Software, a solution provider of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) to the mid and large firms, recently declared that OneStream XF, a modern platform for CPM, extends to systematically provide enterprise quality, budgeting, financial consolidation, forecasting, and reporting.

Tom Shea, President, OneStream welcomes Cleaver-Brooks to its growing list of live and successful customers. Cleaver-Brooks, provider of boiler room products and systems, manufactures multitude of products that each possess unique budgeting, accounting, and reporting needs. Initially, Cleaver-Brooks were seeking for a CPM solution that was capable of handling their unique and complex environment. They expected something that could manage within their own financial group rather relying solely on IT. At the right, OneStream delivered a solution, which was scalable enough to handle their specifications and also providing ease of use to the accounts team. With compromising on anything, through the One easy to mange and use model, OneStream successfully given Cleaver-Brooks with a multi-faceting solution and made each of their business unit to control its own forecasting and budget methods. With this implementation, the finance team is now able to concentrate on managing their business instead of overseeing their software systems.

Michael Barfuss, Corporate Controller, Cleaver-Brooks says that OneStream XF provide us complete autonomy as well as visibility, transparency, and drill back potentialities into transactional data. It also provides all the functionalities that were expected by Cleaver-Brooks. The tailored solution of OneStream has allowed each of their business unit the ability to take control of their own reporting, consolidation, analysis and close process, a key requirement in Cleaver-Brooks. Barfuss adds that by smartly tailoring this solution the finance team can accurately budget the manufacturing needs and exactly match the required capacity for their prognosticated production.

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OneStream’s free downloadable suite—the People Planning—allows Cleaver-Brooks to budget payroll and headcount costs. Also, plant controllers are able to figure Production and Labor drivers and calculate labor variances and manufacturing absorption. Finally, Barfuss exclaims that the companies’ reporting process is now much easier and faster.