Organizations Install NETSCOUT for Monitoring Visibility and Gaining Performance

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 17, 2016

FREMONT, CA: NETSCOUT SYSTEMS [NASDAQ:NTCT], a real-time service assurance and cyber defense solution provider, made an announcement of the added revolutionary blade and chassis Packet Flow Switch: the PFS 6010. Transporters that have relocated to 100G networks needs scrutinizing clarity tools that scopes with their network as well as enables them to utilize assets in prevailing 1G or 10G scrutinizing technology. Owing to its benefits, a multifaceted range of organizations globally have picked-up the FPS 6010. Other features are equally eye-catching for service providers such as, quality, performance, non-blocking framework, suppleness and efficiently connecting the space linking 100G networks and 1/10/40 g scrutinizing infrastructures.

Similarly, enterprises are taking advantage of the sophisticated packet provisioning facility, which includes packet slicing, header stripping and re-duplication to guarantee their networks are supervised successfully. The PFS 6010 also decipher important disputes that firms managing bulky networks faces, which includes scaling admission to network traffic with the mounting necessity for service assurance, performance management, application administration and extra protection structures.

“This is a strategic expansion of our portfolio, enabling packet flow switches to scale to the needs of the world’s largest and most innovative service providers who need application visibility,” says Brian McCann, Vice President and General Manager, NETSCOUT’s Packet Flow Switch Business Unit. “With 6Tbps performance and up to 600 available ports, the PFS 6010 offers the industry’s most scalable packet flow switch solution, supporting advanced traffic optimization, filtering and flow balancing functionality in a single system that support speeds from 1G to 100G.”

It is equally important to note that, the wide-ranging NETSCOUT Packet Flow Switching solution upgrades, shields, and streamlines service distribution and performance administration in major deployments within service providers and significant enterprise data centers. The PFS 6010 accompanies the prevailing PFS 3900 family of packet flow switches, transporting superior conditioning attributes and the elevated ability for 100G necessities.