Ossia Enhances Cota to Address the Challenges of IoT and Wearable Markets

By CIOReview | Thursday, December 31, 2015

BELLEVUE, WA: Ossia, a provider of wireless products, has updated its remote wireless power system, Cota. It is a real wireless power, which provides freedom by powering any Cota-equipped device within thirty-foot radius.

Designed on antenna technology, Cota keeps devices such as smart phones and digital cameras remotely and automatically charged so that users can always be connected to the world. It uses a vast network of compact antennas and a small power receiver to send and receive Cota power signals. However, when there are obstructions in the path of the signals, its technology searches for other paths to re-deliver power to devices.

The enhanced version has the ability to carry device related data through the Cota power transmitter to cloud based applications or to allow IoT devices to interact with each other directly. It also deals with the two prominent issues of the flourishing Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable markets that are in need for standardized networking technology enabling devices to communicate with one another. It also has the ability to supply remote wireless power to increasingly complex devices limited by both battery reliance and the sheer footprint of the batteries themselves.

“Cota’s IoT platform facilitates IoT at multiple levels. Cota enables the design of more intelligent IoT devices that are always charged, and always connected to the cloud. Cota supplies the connectivity, data capturing and data aggregation required. And Cota leverages artificial intelligence and the cloud to process the data, enabling intelligent behavior across the IoT,” says Fady El-Rukby, VP of Software Solutions at Ossia.

The updated version also includes Cota’s artificial intelligence-enabled platform and the Cota transmitter’s functionality as a data aggregator and processor, enabling all of the things comprising the IoT to stay charged and to work in tandem.