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Policypak's Browser Router Software Eases Management of Multi-Browser Environments

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 19, 2016

FREMONT, CA: PolicyPak Software, the provider of Application Configuration Management (ACM) for Active Directory comes up with the latest iteration of its Browser Router software. Browser Router is able to manage multi-browser environments, configure websites to open in the browser of choice and block websites including remote machines through cloud. The company is thus eliminating the challenge of users to depend on wrong browser to get to websites.

Browser Router is an integrated version of both PolicyPak On-Premise Suite and PolicyPak Cloud Suite and are delivered using Group Policy or SCCM, or by using the PolicyPak Cloud service. The On-Premise Edition gives the power of handling desktop, system and security settings in compliance for domain-joined PCs which prevents users from working around Administrator settings. With Cloud Edition, the added advantage is that the Admin power is applicable even on remote machines.

For a user friendly approach, Browser Router automatically launches the browser the user mandate for specific websites. It also helps to manage the web traffic by protecting users from malicious websites to eliminate security risks. "Browser Router helps control browser choice in a multi-browser environment. IT administrator can create the rules to ensure which browser opens for web applications. Websites load in for the most compatible and secure browser and IT settings are constantly applied and cannot be worked around”, says Jeremy Moskowitz, Founder and CEO, PolicyPak Software.

The solution offers functionalities to effortlessly open sites on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome as well as custom browsers like App-V or ThinApp; creating special routes from IE to Microsoft  Edge . It also delivers Internet Explorer 11 through dynamic Compatibility mode settings.