Real Events under the Pretext of Virtual Technologies
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Real Events under the Pretext of Virtual Technologies

By CIOReview | Friday, July 19, 2019

Virtual reality and augmented reality are providing the audience with a unique experience while actualizing the possibilities of virtual venues, virtual attendance, and augmented experiences.

FREMONT, CA: In the current age where the audiences are engaged in various forms of immersive experiences, digital messaging, live events, and event marketing are few of the personalized ways to connect with the audience. With technologies encompassing every segment of business and society, event management is also leveraging these technologies for desirable results. Latest trendsetters like Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are providing the audience with a unique experience. Moreover, VR and AR are fostering an environment for further innovations in the event management sector. So how can interactive technologies like AR and VR impact event planning?

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Here are some of the possibilities:

Virtual Venues

Planning an event involves a significant portion of the budget for an event venue, lodging, food and beverages, and other miscellaneous things. However, such overheads can be eliminated if the conference or the event were to take place through virtual reality.

For the arrangement of a virtual setup, organizers need a digital event space. The arrangement might be expensive now, but with further advancements in technology, the transformation will become affordable.

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Virtual Attendance

With the advancements in telepresence tools, people are finding it more comfortable to attend an event remotely. Using technologies like double robotics, which is a remote control robot, attendees can even interact with other audiences remotely. Organizers can also make robots available to VIP who is unable to attend an event due to some reason. Thus it will also save the time and money of the executives as they don’t have to commit to long flights and time-zone changes. On the other hand, the event-goers will get the opportunity to interact with experienced executives who are likely to impact everyone involved.

Augmented Experiences

What if the attendees can see the person they are talking to in a virtual event? Using a headset equipped with facial recognition capabilities, AR headset, or contact lenses paired with event planning software, attendees can experience the atmosphere of a live event. Moreover, such technological incorporations will also enable the audience to engage with the event and its proceedings on a much deeper level.

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