Retail Solutions Initiates a New Shopper Marketing Optimization Solution for Brands

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 17, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Retail Solutions, a provider of retail analytics software has disclosed the availability of its new Shopper Marketing Optimization (SMO) services developed for brands. The new solution allows shopper marketers to reduce expenditures, Optimize ROI and enhance the overall operational efficiency. It also helps Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) shopper marketing teams in planning, execution and measuring events in the work cycle. SMO solution will be delivered in a partnership with the Retail Marketing International (RMI). RMI offers the BASE software, a technology platform for supporting shopper marketing activities across the globe.

"With an increasingly complex path to purchase, Shopper Marketing is the fastest growing investment choice in CPG, yet marketers are struggling to understand where lift really comes from and how to ensure they invest on the most relevant tactics. RSi's SMO solution provides the fact base and the platform to answer both questions and put marketers strongly in control," states David Harker, Vice President and General Manager, Shopper Marketing, Retail Solutions.

SMO offers four stages which lays a technology foundation for a strategic approach and implementation process. The stages include measuring and optimizing results for every event; targeting investment against target shoppers in terms of retailer, media tactic and geography. It also involves planning campaigns incorporating media plans by media tactic, retailer, category, brand, campaign and event. Fourth stage deals with delivering campaigns to ensure the delivery of entire agreed activities on time, budget and according to the plan.

Retail Solutions has been a trusted partner to the Supply Chain, Category and Sales Management community for over 10 years. The company delivers solutions in stock levels, sales, on shelf availability and trade promotions.

"This year, we extend our reach to in-store and out-of-store physical events, to give marketing and finance executives an unrivaled understanding of marketing effectiveness," said Jon Golovin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Retail Solutions.