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Reviving Gamification Strategies in Marketing

By CIOReview | Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Gamification was once a catchword in framing marketing strategies, which popped up in campaign activations, whether it made the right fit, or not. Whilst, the question now is does gamification still hold the same place in marketing or was it just a vogue of a particular era which has now ceased to exist.

It wasn’t long ago when conferences were seen packed with presentations on how methods and thoughts from the world of electronic gaming were revolutionizing marketing. Games, be it for any age group is highly engaging, and games are found seeking greater engagement with the target audience. Hence the concept of gamification of campaigns is a logical step for marketing. Gamification describes the penetration of political, economic, and social contexts by game-elements such as rule structures, awards, and interfaces that are enthused by video games. It is often picturized as a total solution to highly change the world enroute for more humane and playful ends.

Gamification gives marketers to wheedle the audiences and stay engaged with them for as long as possible with points systems, leader boards, and completion bars. The innately encouraging points have to be baked in from the beginning, as ultimately, games are created with no purpose rather than creating fun in the moment while playing. This is the prime reason that companies with their raft of other objectives are likely competing with.

While gamification might be seen many years past being the flavor of marketing, the marketers still have to seek innovative gamified elements to be included in their projects, for successful growth in the future. Despite its use for marketing, gamification is also used to govern states efficaciously. The present situation dictates that it is time to rethink gamification.

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