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Revolutionizing the Conventions of Advertisement- User Generated Content is the Boost

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 3, 2019

User-generated content (UGC) not only helps in implementing easy branding strategies but also boosts the revenue generation.

FREMONT, CA: The world of internet has contributed a vast role in communications and connections all across the destinations. Taking full advantage of the scenario, industries, or marketing teams have come up with an interactive strategy based on customers’ response, popularly known as User-Generated Content (UGC). When we see people following trends like tagging or posting pictures with products, fun activities around a particular product getting popular on social media platforms are cleverly crafted campaigns by the company. The growth in popularity and engaging trends work by the audience indirectly promotes the business, which includes sharing, posting, mouth to mouth referrals, and more. In the digital era, the amount of response is surprisingly affecting the revenue to rise and lowers the need for traditional branding to reach targeted customers.

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Traditional branding strategies like radio or TV ads, billboards, etc. create redundancy of the content, to which the customers grow tired. UGC offers authenticity to the material due to its generation by a fellow customer. Customer experience still plays an important part here, as rich and satisfying the product is- the chances of sharing and passing the experience by the customer raises. The strategy offers higher potential in the expansion of a company’s customer base. Social media is the dominant platform for UGC campaigns to increase social traffic. The increase in the follower base automatically extends the reach and awareness of the audience. Features in social media such as likes, shares, comment, and retweets help to boost web traffic and page views.  


Analytical tools in social platforms can guide the company to use the frequently used words and phrases for the next strategic plan. The insights offered by the analytical tools help to generate leads and increase sales. With the expansion of audience reach and engagement, UGC also builds a competitive environment for the company. The broad exposure of the brand in a competitive market makes a loyal customer fan base. Initiating the giveaways is another way to engage the fan or audience; it encourages more purchases. All in all, UGC has become the most scalable way of marketing for product advertisements and generating revenue.

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