Scale Computing Helps KIB Electronics Modernize their Infrastructure

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 28, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS, IN: Scale Computing, a computer hardware company specializing in storage, virtualization and hyper-converged architecture, has recently acknowledged that they are helping KIB Electronics with HC3 hyper-converged platform to modernize their infrastructure and avoid downtime to provide a better service to its clients. KB Electronics is a manufacturer of over 200 different models of off the shelf Variable Frequency Digital and Hybrid AC Drives (AC Inverters), Variable Speed DC Motor Controls, Brushless DC Drives, Battery DC to DC Controls, and Triac Fan Controls.

KB electronics aims to provide excellent customer service and in-time delivery of products to help clients to solve their problems easily and cost-effectively.  The company offers a variety of monitoring panels, lighting controls, switch plates and wire harnesses covering a wide range of applications for more than 1,300 customers since its foundation.

Scale Computing HC3 platform integrates servers, virtualization and storage into a single platform with no SAN, servers and virtualization software to buy and manage. HC3 products are cheap and simplify the infrastructure to keep applications running. The HC3 nodes are preloaded with hyper-core software and monitor all virtual machines, hardware and software components to detect and automatically respond to common infrastructure events and issues.

KIB Electronics is working with 12 servers to host variety of business-critical application including ERP, HealthCore and SQL database, in addition to a VDI testing environment.  "I love the simplicity, the functionality and the convenience – not to mention its impeccable architecture," says Brian Milovich, IT Consultant, KIB Electronics. 

Scale Computing is able to provide additional nodes if required. KIB electronics future plan includes the expansion of HC3 to offsite disaster recovery, and use of the Scale Computing replication functionality to add extra protection for the infrastructure."Serving our customers is not possible if we do not have the right computing infrastructure in place," added  Milovich.