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ScienceLogic Unveils Monitoring and Dependency Mapping for IBM SoftLayer

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 29, 2016

RESTON, VA: Hybrid IT monitoring software, ScienceLogic, announced complete monitoring and dependency mapping for IBM SoftLayer. Riveting on the $24 billion cloud services market, ScienceLogic feeds customers a single monitoring view across various cloud providers including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, VMware vCloud Air, summing up with on-premises IT elements.

Organizations in the present market do not want to cling to a single cloud provider. They leverage differing providers based on ability to meet particular demands and essentials. ScienceLogic is the sole vendor that delivers the ‘single pane of glass’ monitoring visibility across all clouds—allowing customers to observe, evaluate, and control their IT resources in a similar manner, irrespective of their location. Such coalesced multi-cloud deployments let enterprises to proactively distinguish and direct performance and business-impacting causes while improving efficiency and perform cost cutting strategies. Consequently, organizations can speedup cloud adoption without the vexing due to lost visibility of IT assets.

“It is crucial to our business to have full visibility to the health and availability of our SoftLayer environment,” said Norman Enriquez of Flagship Solutions. “ScienceLogic is by far the most complete solution with advanced IBM SoftLayer monitoring, as well as other public and private cloud services management.”

ScienceLogic provides clients a complete experience of their SoftLayer cloud rigorously from start-to-end transition to the cloud. Customers can discover infrastructure elements placed in SoftLayer, including account, region, datacenter, virtual, and bare metal servers, networks, load balancers, and storage. Additionally, users can visually map the relationships between them automatically in real time and monitor availability of compute and storage resources. Using the software, clients can create real-time dashboards showing availability and performance of compute, storage, and other resources in SoftLayer. The software boosts the efficiency by letting the users monitor virtual server performance, collect detail on load balancer and bare metal server configuration and status and also collect and manage events from all SoftLayer elements. It helps them track spending with a summary of their account invoice, and moreover it lets the users view interdependency of resources across multiple public and private clouds

“Our customers have globally distributed infrastructures and we have seen their need to leverage multiple cloud providers grow over time,” said Dave Link, CEO ScienceLogic. “They need a simple, consolidated way to evaluate the performance of these investments, control costs and address service delivery challenges common to globally distributed infrastructures. In addition to those other leading cloud platforms we support, it made perfect sense to add IBM SoftLayer to the list.”