Significant Growth for Xcelerator Partners with use of Interconnect: Study

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 24, 2016

WALL TOWNSHIP, NJ: Interconnects have been growing explosively, which in turn has changed same-day delivery across the country and highlighted industry’s growing sharing mentality. A 257 percent escalation in usage is revealed as studied by Key Software Systems, creators of Xcelerator. With Xcelerator, customers are brought together in a seamless, real-time dispatch-to-dispatch environment which helps to manage on-demand, scheduled, e-commerce, white glove, and distribution deliveries.

To expand their geographic footprint and supplement their revenue without adding costs, Interconnect has been pushing for partnerships between Xcelerator customers. Charlie Pisciotta, President, Key Software Systems stated, “Interconnect eliminated the need to add physical resources saving companies thousands of dollars and simplified the Agent onboarding process with a 10 minute set-up to connect with another Xcelerator user without the use of an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).”

Interconnect aggregated a figure of 98,500 orders at an average of 269 orders per day in the year 2014 which escalated to about 1,00 orders per day for the year 2015. First quarter of 2016 suggests a growth of 84 percent over last year. Columbus Delivery Service, enablers of last mile distribution is one of the earliest companies to adopt Interconnect and utilize the technology to expand their footprint.

Interconnect customers are facilitated with the ability to create their own nationwide network of carriers, built on one platform, ensuring the highest level of data integrity, accountability and efficiency throughout the relationship. Rightaway Delivery, providers of delivery and distribution services is leveraging Interconnect’s exquisite platform to steer ahead in the market. Ben Kaplan, President, Rightaway remarked, “With help from Xcelerator, the Interconnect feature and the people I meet at industry conferences like the ECA and CLDA, we successfully executed several distribution projects that consisted of 10,000+ deliveries each, spread out across the country.”