Signing Documents Online made easy as Laserfiche integrates with SIGNiX

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 10, 2016
Steve Pollema, Senior Vice President, Teletech Technology

Steve Pollema, Senior Vice President, Teletech Technology

FREMONT, CA: Laserfiche, a premier Enterprise Content Management organization has integrated with SIGNiX and will now be simplifying the process signing documents online for SIGNiX‘s customers within their Web Access.

SIGNiX provides electronic signature services and with this integration, will enable clients to automatically route back their documents into their repository. The document which has been routed back will also have long-term legal evidence built into them. “By integrating SIGNiX’s solutions with Laserfiche ECM, financial services organizations benefit from having easy access to cloud-based independent digital signature functionality,” said Catherine Ramos, Director of Operations, Laserfiche.

Documents will be sent to SIGNiX after users have selected one or more PDFs to send in a single transaction. SIGNiX will provide interface to the user to complete the signature process through the SIGNiX interface. Documents will be imported back into the Laserfiche repository from SIGNiX, if the signing process is complete or cancelled. This integration will allow administrators to configure various metadata options in order to track signing transaction progress. The e-signatures will be considered valid and legally defensible if SIGNiX’s cloud based solution has been used to sign the documents online.

An updated Laserfiche Server license file and active SIGNiX account will be required for the SIGNiX integration and it is an additionally licensed feature.  The installation package for the Laserfiche-SIGNiX Integration is available on the Laserfiche Support Site download page, and can be immediately deployed.