Skullcandy Enters Long List of Companies Embracing Cloud Technology.

By CIOReview | Monday, January 11, 2016

FREMONT CA: Popular audio equipment, Skullcandy announced collaboration with Aryaka, a cloud service provider based in Milpitas CA. Replacing the traditional Microprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), Aryaka’s cloud platform would now connect the global office of Skullcandy in United States, Canada, Germany, China and Japan. “Aryaka gives us better flexibility, improves service levels, lowers overall cost, and simplifies our global environment,” said Mark Hopkins, Senior Director of IT at Skullcandy.

Skullcandy opted cloud services to address poor application performance and latency issues in MPLS technology. The cloud-based ERP, SAP Business ByDesign, suffered from application lagging as it was accessed over the public Internet, resulting in decreased productivity and customer satisfaction. “Our customer demand spikes tremendously during the Holiday Season. To meet this level of demand, productivity and collaboration levels need to be at an all-time high. With MPLS, this was a challenge, as application performance was poor and the latency was killing us,” said Yohan Beghein, Senior Network Engineer at Skullcandy.

According to reports, the platform was deployed in hours, “We started as a POC from one of our locations in Shenzhen (China), and as soon as we saw the performance, we knew that it was the way to go for all of our sites,” Yohan added. The cloud platform, which eliminates the need to install hardware, is also regarded safe from a data security perspective. “We are delighted to welcome Skullcandy as our customer,” said Ashwath Nagaraj, Aryaka’s Founder and CTO. “A consistent theme with our largest enterprise customers and what they appreciate most from Aryaka, is the speed and agility that we provide. Not just application speed, but also enterprise agility and speed.”

The past year witnessed several companies across industries migrating to the cloud platform with providers offering customized Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) services. Quick deployment, real time network visibility and faster processing amount to the cost effectiveness and ROI on the Cloud Platform.