SnapSync Integration Ensures Enterprises with Secured and Improved File Sharing Capability

By CIOReview | Monday, April 4, 2016

SAN JOSE, CA: With almost all enterprise related data being hosted and networked, the demand for safe storage and transfer of the data is always on the rise. With the aim to exploit this potential market, Sphere 3D, a specialist in data management and storage platform has devised new product software called SnapSync.

With highly secure and private solutions, the SnapSync software is expeditious in file sharing for both enterprises and SMBs.  The software runs on Sphere 3D’s SnapServer (on-premise) and SnapCLOUD (Cloud based) storage devices using peer-to-peer distribution technology.

It is highly sophisticated and delivers centralized IT control of Client data, backed by instant disaster recovery services. Compatible with multiple client devices including Windows, Android and iOS clients, it allows the users to access and share design from anywhere.

By synchronizing with Sphere 3D’s central Snap infrastructure, clients gain business continuity due to high recovery standards. This is made possible by Snap storage site-to-site continuous replication feature.

“We have designed SnapSync to not only make it available for new customers, but to also extend its capabilities to the large number of Snap storage units that have been shipped to companies across the globe,” says Eric Kelly, CEO, Sphere3D. “Our go-to-market strategy and tactics will continue to leverage our increasingly large installed base, which will accelerate adoption of our integrative offering.”

Other notable features of the SnapSync include complete control and ownership of data, owner approval for access, continuous device backup, data encryption and data wiping capabilities, web support and timely software updates to name a few.

“SnapSync, along with our Snap storage products, provides enterprises and SMBs with a value proposition that features the lowest total cost of ownership, most secure and most scalable configuration to share and store data, with the knowledge that if there’s a critical system failure they can be up and running within minutes with a close to zero recovery point objective (RPO),” explains Nilesh Patel, VP Product Management and Marketing, Sphere 3D.