StackIQ introduces a new release and Product lineup of Stacki with Enterprise and Pro versions.

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 12, 2016

FREMONT, CA: With the release of Stacki, a Linux server provisioning tool, StackIQ has certainly managed to reduce the complexity of large scale server infrastructures. StackIQ is a firm which offers warehouse-grade automation platform designed to serve the server infrastructures. Stacki, a CentOS/RHEL bare metal install, acquires the servers from hardware, enabling ready to install applications and Linux to work efficiently. The Company has now upgraded the functions of Stacki by introducing Stacki 3 into its infrastructure. Enterprise and Pro are the available new features of Stacki offering site specific requirements for their users.

StackIQ specifically aims to provide better server management techniques for their clients. Automation of the big data, cloud installations and server provisioning is efficiently managed by Stacki 3. The Stacki Enterprise and Pro versions include parallel OS installation which facilitates the host discovery and assignment functions effectively. When it comes to the parallel disk installation, the Auto Disk Repair & Controller Reconfiguration is only included in the Enterprise version of Stacki 3.

The network bonding and bridging is another innovative feature available in both the versions of Stacki 3. Enterprise version comes out with a GUI making it even simpler for the users. Multiple Distribution Support, Multiple Network Support and Site-specific Attribute Customizations are included in the pack of Cluster Configuration techniques available in both versions of Stacki 3.

Headquartered in Solana Beach, CA, StackIQ continues the trend of innovation offering server automation solutions such as StackIQ Boss, StackIQ Pallets and StackIQ Wire. P&G, Mitre, Norc, Verizon Wireless, Gulfstream and many more reputed companies have joined hands with StackIQ to improve their quality of service and reduce the time of operation.

“Stacki 3 streamlines that experience with the re-orientation of our product line-up around the Stacki project. Now users will find it easier to select what they need today, and upgrade as needed in the future.” states Tim McIntire, CEO and Co-Founder of StackIQ.