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The Latest Technological Trends Dominating Businesses in the Recent Years

By CIOReview | Monday, December 3, 2018

Technology trends have been evolving in recent years, and it is predicted to evolve more swiftly in the coming years. Businesses are relying on these trends as these trends help them to conduct their businesses more efficiently. The technology trends have helped the companies to work across borders and have opened new avenues for them. Different industry sectors have acknowledged the reliability, security, and efficiency that these technology tools provide for their business. According to a report by DXC technology, Businesses are going to be more dependent on the technology tools in the coming years. Companies are quickly transferring their businesses onto digital platforms to increase their business efficiency and customer satisfaction. Here is a brief overview of the technology trends that the companies are supposed to rely in the coming years on:

 5G Technology: The most recent technology that is about the hit the market is 5G technology. Companies are investing heavily in this technology. Companies like Qualcomm, Nokia, Ericsson, have arranged tests to get 5G networks running into their systems. Mimosa Network is helping the companies like ATT and Verizon to offer a comprehensive 5G network to both rural and urban population. 5G services promise to offer cooler, quicker, and efficient services to its customers. 5G has found a foothold this year, and its fully-fledged use is supposed to happen before the end of 2020.

Artificial intelligence: Artificial intelligence is around for quite some time and companies are contemplating ideas to increase the use of AI into their networks. AI has heavily been used as Virtual assistants, to perform fraud analysis, and many other ventures. Sensai AI innovation, a tool of Adobe is making it simpler for companies to launch their media campaigns swiftly.

Blockchain: The emergence of bitcoins gave rise to the buzz around cryptography. The security features of blockchain have enticed the companies to move their services towards blockchain networks. Blockchain can hugely benefit the industries where transparency and data security is given highest priority. Industries like banking, supply-chain, and healthcare have started embedding blockchain into their systems.

Digital transformation has immensely helped the companies in their day to day business, and the next era is going to witness smarter and more innovative technological trends.