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The New Frontiers of Digital Transformation: AI, ML, and IoT

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Digital transformation is one of the essential initiatives that organizations have undertaken or are taking up. The storm of a wide range of technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine learning (ML) are playing a vital role in revolutionizing the companies. However, AI and ML have gained prominence and have become quickly accessible; where AI and ML are representing the AI world, IoT represents the sensors.

Data carriers help in enhancing the understanding and perception of the world for these artificial brains by sending data from the real world and also delivering actions to the real world. Well, 2019 is poised to leverage both AI and ML as the constraints of connectedness continue to crumble with the evolution of edge computing, IoT-focused platforms, communication protocols, and lightweight cybersecurity.

Also, this year, the innovations- AI, IoT and ML will play shifting roles in the digital transformation journey depending upon the digital maturity and innovation quotient of the organizations. The business that is optimally utilizing the offerings of IoT and data infrastructure in the cloud will move towards being more smarter in using its resources for better operations and enhanced customer service.

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IoT-powered organizations will be more equipped and intelligent in tapping critical points in their supply chain management and service delivery proactively. They can quickly figure out the loopholes and address them using real-time detection such as- potential failure in a delivery truck, predicting consumer demand accurately, leveraging structured and unstructured data such as audio, video or text to derive dimensions like customer sentiments, fashion trends and more.

It will help organizations in providing a personalized experience to its customers thereby providing more precise recommendations; along with more original and faster query resolution through AI-driven chatbots that are powered by voice and NLP processing. It will help organizations to provide more advanced services to its customers.

The acceptance, adoption, and integration of the new technologies will impact business success in the longer run. For organizations that have already reached this level of maturity AI, ML and IoT have become even more important and are forcing businesses to play a more extensive and deeper role in digital transformation.

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