ThreatMetrix to Deliberate on the Sensitive Cybercrime Issue at MRC Vegas 2016

By CIOReview | Friday, March 11, 2016

LAS VEGAS, NV: Cybercrime is a major global concern of the contemporary world. ThreatMetrix has addressed the cyber security requirements by implementing cloud based solution for authenticating digital personas and transactions on the Internet. This year at the MRC (Merchant Rich Council) Vegas 2016 event, The Digital Identity Company was present to discuss innovations that will eradicate global cybercrime and avert cases that leave companies vulnerable to it. The discussion also revolved around analyzing the significance of establishing real-time authentication in today’s global and digital economy. The conference is primarily a networking and educational event for e-commerce and fraud professionals, organized by the Merchant Risk Council.

ThreatMetrix was seen partaking in two important events at the MRC Vegas 2016. The first event is a convention of Merchant Focus Group, held on Tuesday, 8th of March. The next event is titled “Netflix and Chill,” was scheduled on Thursday, 10th of March. This session witnessed the presence of dignitaries Carmen Honacker, ThreatMetrix’s Director of Customer Advocacy and Garrett Goff, Head of Fraud at Netflix as co-hosts of the event. At the session, ThreatMetrix talked about  customized rules which helps to track potentially fraudulent transactions and activities for businesses that resort to using recurring payments.

Armen Najarian, Chief Marketing Officer, ThreatMetrix said, “Our presentation will highlight intelligent ways to curb fraud without turning away potential customers, identifying fraud using behavior-based data and recognizing weaknesses across markets. Carmen and Garrett will provide real-world, practical insight for merchants attending MRC Vegas.”
The conference has come just after another recent announcement that revolves around the Digital Identity Graph. The underlying principle is attributed to data science, and it helps map the complex and dynamic associations among people and their communication devices, account credentials, telephone numbers, physical addresses and the businesses with which they interact. The graph framework helps ThreatMetrix define digital persona relationships on a global scale. This in return enables businesses to identify fraud and cyber attacks with real-time speed and precision services, without compromising on the privacy font.

“Our achievements mapping the Digital Identity Graph will pave the way for broad industry adoption and aid in solving unique authentication challenges confronting the public and private sectors,” exclaimed Najarian.

Source: ThreatMetrix Talks Fraud and Global Shared Intelligence at MRC Vegas 2016