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Tired of Questions? Find the Answers here!

By CIOReview | Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Employees these days make great efforts to meet with countless messages, emails, and meetings, which can be made convenient with the innovative automatic answering bot so as to minimize the number of diversions in the workplace created by recurring questions.

FREMONT, CA: announces the launch of Alterra Answer Bot for Slack that transfigures the method of employees accessing the company information at the workplace. The new Slack bot has been developed by the deep learning NLP startup and makers of AI assistants for business,

With the help of the new innovative Slack bot, employees can access their corporate knowledge base or search for the required material right in Slack. Alterra Answer Bot allows simple interactions with other team members, as communications take place in basic English. Alterra is an out-of-the-box innovation as it understands natural language and provides answers to the queries with the highest level of precision. Employees get the liberty of asking the same questions in different ways, to which the bot compares them with similar objectives and presents the accurate answer keeping in mind the meaning, not the keywords exclusively.

The promising Slack bot amplifies the productivity of the team as well as enhances the employee experience in the office by cutting short the time spent in searching for information within the database and beyond. Furthermore, it comes as a portable device that is used by the departments like HR and IT, where it lends a hand in producing repetitive answers for the same questions raised in the organization. It is always better to have lesser unnecessary queries in the Slack workspace so that employees can invest better focus and time in other essential tasks.

The technology provided by Alterra has been empowering businesses to build an intelligent assistant exclusive of coding. With a considerable knowledge regarding connecting documents such as guide booklets, employee handbooks, or FAQs to Alterra, any employee can construct an AI-supported answer bot. Through the linked documents with the system, the bot learns the needful and provides answers to the queries whenever required. 

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