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Top 3 Mobile App Development Trends to Note

By CIOReview | Friday, January 15, 2021

All the mobile app development trends will certainly grow the app industry rapidly, and the competition among mobile app developers will increase in the coming years.

FREMONT, CA: The use of smartphones has changed a lot of things in the world. And one can’t ignore that mobile app development has given increased revenue also. Hence, mobile app development trends began growing and materializing. App developers and users are responsible for this revolution. Nonetheless, these trends have simplified their lives in different ways. Moreover, the future of mobile applications is shinier than before. Thereby, here are some mobile app development trends that will dominate the year 2020!

• Artificial Intelligence

The integration of artificial intelligence is very helpful in vital activities like mobile app development. Whether it is iOS development or Android app 

development, it can learn app development from earlier data, identify issues, and troubleshoot them in real-time. Moreover, it can learn complete user activities through their daily usage patterns and apply actions with no guidelines. With the combination of IoT and AI, app developers don’t require tapping their fingers to get tasks done. Developers can relax, and simultaneously AI controls their devices, houses, and automobiles.

• Blockchain

Blockchain is a decentralized database. These blocks continuously develop as new data is collected. When new data are added, the previous blocks are saved, and users receive a copy of the whole database. It is evident that this technology restricts data breaching or creating fake documents. In case somebody makes an error, developers can trace it. Many online wallets and smart ledgers depend on Blockchain technology to make cross-border payments.

• Internet of Things and 5G

Many firms are already making a transition to IoT app development. It is forecasted that IoT devices will be as omnipresent as smartphones in 2020. Undoubtedly, the speed of the 5G will be many times faster than the 4G network. The industry professionals hope a transition from presently used 4G services to the 5G wireless network by the end of 2020. Since the 5G services provide an extensive range of opportunities, the app developers should develop the apps appropriately so that users can enjoy faster network speed for enhanced performance.