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Towards Smarter Manufacturing with Top Technologies in Demand

By CIOReview | Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Emerging technology-driven developments are transforming the manufacturing sector. Production is becoming safer, cost-effective, and efficient.

FREMONT, CA: The advent of new technologies is giving shape to industry 4.0 currently. Smart manufacturing, driven by technologies such as industrial IoT, 3D printing, and blockchain are revolutionizing the sector. Supply chain management is becoming convenient and efficient all at once. The clear advantages companies have after adapting to these changes are ensuring a rapid transformation. Here are a few trends that tell how the sector is reviving itself with innovative technological solutions.  

• Smarter Equipment

Manufacturing machinery is becoming smarter. Connectivity and intelligent maintenance are being incorporated big time. With the help of industrial IoT, companies are looking to enhance the capabilities of their older production equipment, thereby making them smarter. Smart maintenance is helping the industry to reduce maintenance costs and increase the longevity of tools. The machinery is now optimized with the help of analytics, and much more precise. Monitoring with the help of sensors lends much more credibility to safety aspects. Timely completion of processes is now a certainty.

• Benefits of Blockchain

Blockchain technology is appropriate for the supply chain management. Permanent records of activities are stored in a decentralized manner making every process, including the financial ones, transparent. The detailed records are immutable and allow the manufacturing firms to have reliable information because of which supply chains are becoming smooth and cost-efficient. Involvement of the third party is eliminated, and routine compliance activities are easier.

• 3D Manufacturing

3D manufacturing is an integral part of smart manufacturing and the most exciting one as well. It is a technology that is enabling companies to cut down on material wastage substantially and making testing easier with prototype production. The technology could also be used to allow producers to offer better customization options to customers with their products.

• Security Concerns and Solutions

The high rate of cybersecurity issues plaguing industries is a cause of concern. Application of technologies increases the vulnerabilities, and specialized security teams are mandatory to handle the risks and threats. Companies opting for smart supply chain management and intelligent manufacturing should look to build expertise by going for the right human resources and the appropriate security solutions.

These are exciting times for the manufacturing industry! Firms look forward to upgrading into smarter and better production practices with aid from technology.

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