Trend Micro Opts SIOS iQ for Faster IT Operations Insights and Issue Resolution

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 13, 2016

SAN MATEO, CA: SIOS Technology Corporation, a provider of IT analytics software announces that Trend Micro has selected SIOS iQ to enhance its ability to meet SLAs for critical applications that are running in VMware environments.

SIOS iQ – an IT operations analytics platform – integrates data from a variety of data sets and applies advanced machine learning analytics to provide insight across compute, storage, application, and network tiers. Designed to perform as a powerful platform for IT operations information and issue resolution, the analytics solution applies an advanced data analytics approach to data sets along with application and infrastructure data from third party tools and frameworks.

Usually, IT tools use a traditional computer science approach by engaging thresholds and alerts to narrowly monitor operations of specific objects in the infrastructure.  The computer science approach disregards the complex interactions of virtualized infrastructures and misses important problems while creating alert storms where no problems exist.  In contrast, SIOS iQ employs next generation machine learning and data mining to analyze real-time information across the infrastructure.

SIOS iQ can recognize abnormal patterns of infrastructure behavior to accurately find the subtle issues missed by today’s tools and to precisely identify root causes of performance issues through topological behavior analysis and vGraph technology. The results are actionable insights and recommendations for improvement through an intuitive mobile, touch-enabled user interface.

Trend Micro provides security software solutions to make exchange of digital information safer globally. It joined as a participant in the SIOS iQ VIP program to provide guidance for future developments of the SIOS iQ product. The latest SIOS iQ VIP program engages select SIOS customers as partners in early access, evaluation, and feedback to prioritize future development of the SIOS iQ products. The program provides participants’ early access, significant cost savings, and important influence on the evolution of a next-generation analytics solution for IT operations.

“To find the root causes of performance issues, we had used the traditional ‘war room’ approach of assembling a multi-disciplinary team of IT staff and analyzing multiple analytics tools. SIOS iQ lets us find and resolve root causes of performance issues in minutes, saving hours of IT labor and enabling us to maintain compliance with our SLAs," says William Dalton, Director, EMEA IS and Corporate Technology, Trend Micro.