Valence Health Cuts Down Processing Time and Drives Customer Satisfaction with MapR

By CIOReview | Monday, December 21, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Digitalization is changing the way data is being created, managed and delivered in the healthcare industry. With the massive influx of patient and physician data every day, healthcare organizations are thriving for better data processing capabilities to effectively corral and optimize their data, and more importantly with reduced processing time. Addressing this, MapR Technologies – a converged data platform provider – announced that Valence Health, a leading provider of clinical integration, population health and value-based care solutions and services, has opted MapR converged data platform for building a data lake that serves as a repository for their valuable data assets. The new platform cuts down the data processing time for Valence Health from hours into the matter of minutes.

Daily, Valence Health consumes 3000 inbound data feeds from different types of data including lab test results, patient health records, prescriptions, immunizations, pharmacy benefits, payments, claims from doctors and hospitals and so on. This data is used to inform decisions about improving healthcare outcomes and reimbursement, while maintaining these large volumes of data is being hard with an existing infrastructure.

The new MapR solution serves Valence Health with increased performance, better responsiveness to customers and higher quality data which leads Valence Health to have ultimate growth over time. Valence Health can now build new types of data analytics and can ensure higher customer satisfaction with the help of resource efficiency, speed and flexibility provided by MapR.

Valence Health can now accommodate customer requests easily which was very difficult to address in the past, as the customer data used to get deleted in 3-4 weeks itself. It can now rollback and remove the file in minutes with the help of point-to-recovery strategy provided by MapR snapshots.

The new platform enables Valence Health to scale its business time, streamline operations, deepen customer interactions, realize new revenue opportunities and drive better quality outcomes while lowering costs.

Jack Norris, CMO of MapR technologies said that MapR is the only platform that combines architectural innovations with open source Hadoop software to support business critical and production applications.

“At the scale we are operating, data ingestion becomes a major concern. In the past, if we received a feed with 20 million lab records, it would take 22 hours to process that data,” said Dan Blake, Valence Health chief technology officer. “The NFS capabilities of the MapR Platform can cut that cycle time down from 22 hours to 20 minutes and it’s running on much less hardware.”