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VictorOps Announces New Mobile App Updates

By CIOReview | Friday, April 8, 2016

BOULDER, CO: VictorOps, a scanning, alerting and incident management platform with real-time incorporation tools for DevOps teams, has recently declared remarkable updates on its mobile application. The company has made significant contributions to incident management mobile application which aims to modify response times during emergency. It also lessens the employee stress, thus enabling teams to quickly fix problems at any time from any place and reducing the need for on-call teams to be present on their desks.

“Each day thousands of our customers pull their mobile devices out of their pockets in order to respond and solve problems in real-time,” says Joni Klippert, Vice President, Product, VictorOps. “This latest version release will give hours of time back to on-call teams by providing everything they need to investigate, triage and communicate with other team members right from their mobile devices.” He added.

As far the features are concerned, the new mobile application possesses Bi-directional chat integrations that allows users to view system information and data used to fix problem on chats removing the necessity to switch between the apps along with Slack or Hipchat. The new in-app organization by the team feature lets users to quickly look into the big firms to synchronize with specific users to help them in fixing problems.

The application comes with quick filters, permitting users to separate people presently online, using the application and on-call too. It also has the capability to view alert notations like runbooks or graphs to help on-call professionals with the severity of the problem. With its highly modifiable timeline DevOps engineers get complete transparency to their own systems and also alarm a recent conversation. The mobile application can also begin a discussion bridge and can send invitations to multiple team members. The new enhanced personal summary view has a personal back up feature aligned with next-on call, missed messages and others. VictorOps app’s most recent version is now available for download on iOS and Android. There are similar apps in the market and thus it’s time to wait and watch who wins the competition.