Vizalytics Unveils Mind My Business Mobile App to Equip Small and Local Businesses

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 19, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Vizalytics Technology, a data company, unveils Mind My Business mobile app for shopkeepers, an application that leverages data and technology to equip small and local businesses to find an operational edge in an increasingly complex technology landscape.

Mind My Business mobile app leverages Vizalytics Knowledge Graph, a massive database that bridges the government, public and private data sources. The app draws construction, traffic, regulatory issues, health and safety concerns, fines, events, and 311 compliance information from the Vizalytics Knowledge Graph to keep shopkeepers updated about what is happening in and around the shop through customized alerts to make better decisions, identify opportunities, predict changes and operate more efficiently.

“We’re excited to bring what we learned in New York to Chicago, because the challenges of navigating and understanding open data are the same next to Lake Michigan as they are next to the East River. We feel a real personal connection to our New York users, and it’s time to bring our experience west.” says Aileen Gemma Smith, CEO Vizalytics.