VMware Notifies EOA and Support for VCNS and NSX with an Upgraded Version

By CIOReview | Monday, April 18, 2016

FREMONT, CA: VMware announced the EOA of its vCloud networking and Security (VCNS) with the release of a replacement for the NSX-v. The current vCNS clients are informed about this notification with an assurance that an upgradation of NSX-v is going to be rolled out to provide them with continuous support and functionalities. VMware announced the date for EOA of vCNS along with EOA for NSX-v 6.1.x which is going to commence from the later part of this year.

The VMwareKBs states that both of the products will continue working, but they are not going to provide any further support, patches or updates for it. The End of Availability and support for NSX-v comes as a little surprise, but they are going to fairly deal with the existing clients of the NSX-v. To leverage the latest features and functionalities of NSX-v, it is necessary for the user to work on the v6.2x of NSX-v whereas another version of it is expected to release in the upcoming months. The only thing for client monitoring is that the v6.1.5 to the v6.2.0 are not coming in the support list, users have to upgrade the v6.1.5 to NSX v6.2.1 or more advanced version to overcome the shortcomings of the functionalities.

Regarding the current vCNS clients, the ones who are not the service providers and not planning to be one in the near future but are thinking to keep up with NSX-v then this EOA is certainly not a good news for them. The general notion appears from this EOA by VMware is that NSX-v is significantly more costly than what vCNS was. It is hard for the current vCNS clients to justify the amount while keeping in mind that some of the top NSX-v features are the additional advantage for them.

At last, there are not too many alternatives left for the vCNS clients, however, there is a buzz surrounding the news that NSX-Lite version is going to be released by the VMware. This version is ready to be launched to fill the gap between the existing client needs of the vCNS features and functionalities of the NSX-v.