VMware Ready Gives Green Light to Host Exinda's ExOS on vSphere 6

By CIOReview | Friday, March 25, 2016

TORONTO, CN: Intelligently easing the efforts of network managers and administrators, network orchestrator and a solutions provider for business applications - Exinda has acquired ‘VMware Ready’ status for its ExOS product. Being VMware Ready designates Exinda ExOS to meet VMware’s quality standards as created by Technology Alliance Partners (TAP) program. The product is supported on VMware’s vSphere 6, a server virtualization platform which can be used for any production environments.

"By using Exinda ExOS with multiple versions of VMware vSphere, enterprises are armed with end-to-end visibility to identify all users, applications and devices on the network, control over both sanctioned and unsanctioned traffic and the ability to leverage multi-dimensional policies to prioritize critical applications and keep unsanctioned traffic from impacting quality of experience," says Branko Miskov, VP, Product Marketing, Exinda.

Exinda ExOS enables network administrators in creating policies for services delivered by variety of servers hosted across the organization. The product integrates interactive analytics and takes powerful actions such as: inspecting network traffic at layer 7, quick troubleshooting, analyzing the health of the network and applications; it gives a real-time view of network, governs network and compiles reports of network issues, recommends automatic repair, makes policy adjustments and controls bandwidth, and accelerates business applications to improve performance. Also, customers incorporating Exinda ExOS can lower Wide Area Network (WAN) costs up to 40 percent."The solution also allows businesses’ to reduce Time to Resolve (TTR) with prescriptive and actionable recommendations to address key issues," further adds Branko.

Howard Hall, Senior Director, Global Technology Partnering Organization, VMware asserts, “Exinda’s ExOS qualifies for the VMware Ready logo, signifying to customers that it works effectively with VMware vSphere, and can be deployed in production with confidence."