Web Design and Development Trends to Look Out for
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Web Design and Development Trends to Look Out for

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Various trends in web design and development can make websites appealing and user-friendly.

Fremont, CA: Web development is one of the few industries that changes as quickly as it does. Customer preferences are volatile, to say the least, as languages change, design approaches shift, and consumer tastes shift. Keeping up with the current trends can be difficult. The design and development world is moving in some of the most well-known and impactful directions.

Trends in web design and development to look out for:

Progressive web apps

Progressive Web Apps are the first trend to look at (PWAs). These are web-based applications that strive to blend the most significant features of both online and mobile apps while utilizing cutting-edge technologies. PWAs are web pages developed with web technologies to mimic the behavior and feel of native apps. This also means that they can be viewed in any browser. PWAs are significantly easier to deploy and maintain, which is a big plus for developers. Instead of dealing with a separate web app for each mobile platform, the user needs to deal with a single app for all devices.


Neumorphism is one of the recent design approaches that mixes elements of old-school skeuomorphism with current, "flat" design. Neumorphism tries to combine flat design's clean aesthetic with skeuomorphism's 3D experience. Flat icons, gradients, and elevated User Interface (UI) elements like buttons are common. Neumorphism is a clean, modern, and appealing design that is a little more useful and easier to traverse than a flat design.

User-friendly design

It isn't easy to operate a modern smartphone with just one hand. To compensate, some designers have shifted essential UI elements to the bottom of the page. When holding a smartphone in the most frequent way, this has the effect of making stuff simpler to access.

Color gradients

Gradients are incredible. They're appealing to the eye, can be eye-catching, and help web content stand out. The use of bold text against a gradient background may be very effective at catching the attention without being too distracting.

Single page application

A single page application (SPA) has dynamic features on the page in SPAs create a sense of flow and continuity across different sections of the app. The benefits of this technique include a faster deployment time and a pleasant user experience (UX).

Motion UI

Web page animations have really taken off, from tiny icon movements to full-screen parallax effects. Motion UI libraries make it easier than ever to create and implement these effects. Animations make the user experience more attractive. It can readily bring attention to a specific area of the page, such as a prominent Call to Action (CTA).

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