WHOOP and Infosys Join Hands to Drive Athlete Performance through Analytics

By CIOReview | Wednesday, December 30, 2015

FREMONT, CA: WHOOP, a developer of sports technology and performance optimization wearable devices for athletes, coaches and trainers announces that Infosys has invested $3 Mn as a strategy to boost sports technology and wellness market.

Performance optimization is said to help athletes and sports professionals achieve a state of mental strength, clarity and focus that builds resilience, mental toughness and competitive fierceness. The process removes mental and emotional blocks that inhibit peak performance.

WHOOP offers a performance optimization and analytics solution that includes a device that athletes can wear on their wrist. The device constantly measures key strain and provides actionable analytics that are empowered by proprietary algorithms to generate intensity and recovery scores, thereby allowing athletes and coaches to make optimal game day decisions along with gaining greater visibility into high performance drivers and guide training.

The tracker also monitors an athlete’s quality of sleep and their body reaction to workouts. The algorithm calculates the results that are presented for optimizing training schedules to achieve the best results.