Why Do Businesses Need Red Hat?
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Why Do Businesses Need Red Hat?

By CIOReview | Thursday, December 12, 2019

Since its inception in 1993, Red Hat is indisputably a significant player in the field of open-source software.

FREMONT, CA: A vast number of Internet servers at present are powered by solutions that are created by Red Hat, Inc. It has attracted a wide variety of loyal corporate clients from all over the globe by leveraging the massive potential of Linux, OpenStack, and different state-of-the-art tools.

Apart from Red Hat’s industry dominance, here are a few advantages of varied open-source solutions of Red Hat and the well-oiled support services of different companies.

Safe Design:

Red Hat products are widely recognized and celebrated for their highly secure engineering. The Linux distribution operating on IBM servers has also attained a standard criteria certification, which is the highest level of security guarantee in the world. Due to its robust design, it is authorized to be used in governmental agencies as well. The Enterprise Linux functions independently without any third-party tool, which makes it extremely difficult for malicious actors to cause disturbances.

Open APIs:

Red Hat provides an open application programming interface that gives a very flexible tool to its customers to build the solutions they need. It reflects that the customer is not forced by the structures of proprietary technology and has the freedom to create as per their specifications.

Meticulous Product Testing:Enterprise Security

Red Hat follows the policy of evaluating new hardware extensively before it arrives in the marketplace. The company utilizes its multiple relationships with hardware manufacturers to make sure that its products function along with the ones that were with the customers for years.

Quick Cybersecurity Response:

The security response team of Red Hat minutely monitors the vulnerabilities and works to mend the fixes without any delay. Red Hat’s close working with cybersecurity organizations, as well as the broader open source community, has helped in providing prompt response-ability.

Legal Security:

The Red Hat Open Source Assurance provides the customers with critical legal protections if a claim is brought against them for the use of disputed intellectual property in combination with Red Hat Enterprise Linux or other products. With its help, Red Hat replaces or modifies the part of the software in dispute, while allowing the customer to use the software one after the other. Furthermore, it also provides the customer with an attorney, free of cost, if the party files a lawsuit due to the alleged infringement. The benefits are available to every customer with a membership.

Progressive Philosophy:

Since the future trends in technology cannot be predicted with complete accuracy, it should be noted that Red Hat has provided every indication concerning its striving dominance now and in the future as well, rather than settling for stagnation. The organization maintains relationships with a full circle of hardware and software vendors and a massive number of standard-setting industry organizations to make sure that the company responds to the technology as well as the business trends with no time.


Scalability refers to the capacity of a platform or application to take care of the growing operational demands without negotiating on its functionalities. An appropriately scalable platform can be highly valuable in the fast-moving tech society, as a company can effortlessly experience a sudden surge in the most unexpected activities. But if it outfits the possible occurrence, then the system might be overwhelmed by the wave, hampering the dealings of the company with its clients and vendors. Besides, Red Hat Enterprise Linux is designed to deliver the maximal amount of scalability to meet the fluid operational requirements in the corporate. No matter if it is a small shop or a multinational organization, Enterprise Linux can accommodate every kind of need effortlessly.

24/7 Support:

In a world of technology, users wish to have 24/7 assistance from professionals, and the technical support team of Red Hat stays available round-the-clock to provide help and solutions for smooth running. Every support engineer holds a Red Hat Certified Engineer credentials and has years of experience in the industry, providing the customers with 24/7 support.

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