ZipBridge Partnership with KeynectUp Automates Contact Updation to Speed up Team Communication

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 6, 2016

FREMONT, CA: ZipBridge, a telecommunications company focused on outbound conference calling, partners with KeynectUp, a provider of mobile application solutions. As part of the new partnership KeynectUp will help ZipBridge customers to easily store key information directly to their contact files via one click of a URL link.

The new deal supports conference calls through ZipBridge’s unique communication tool which is the new way of getting an entire team on the phone instantly by automatically calling everyone in the team and bridging them together as they answer the call. It eliminates the need to create phone chains or emails for arranging any unscheduled call.

What to look forward in ZipBridge’s partnership with KeynectUp?

Using ZipBridge, clients are able to launch unscheduled or emergency conference calls directly from their phones’ contacts. Once launched, ZipBridge calls all the Members of the Group and bridges them on the call as they answer. Earlier, to launch a call, participants needed to manually update their contacts with the phone numbers. Now, by associating with KeynectUp, the communication tool facilitates the automated update of contacts.
Previously, clients had to set up groups by themselves in ZipBridge that had to be assembled quickly on an unscheduled or emergency conference call of teams from any department such as security, IT, executive staff, response team, sales, etc. But with the new partnership, ZipBridge clients particularly the potential call leaders can send a text message to KeynectUp and receive a link to a KUpCard which they can use to save all the Groups and associated phone numbers to a single Contact record. It makes communicating with the team even faster by seamlessly distributing call launch information across the enterprise, reducing manual work.

How ZipBridge Works?

At first, a user from a team has to sign up for the ZipBridge platform. On using instructions and credentials sent through email, users have to setup some groups and associated members whom they want on a call. After a Group has been created, the user can add members including their cell, other phone and email. ZipBridge can reach member on up to two numbers and send them an SMS and Email alert if they miss the call. Second, the member of the team who needs to contact others in the team has to dial the ZipBridge number in their Contacts for everyone to receive a phone call with a custom ring tone. Third, on recognizing the important call and answering the phone, participants of the team can communicate with each other instantly.
"This partnership with KeynectUp allows us add a technology layer to make our service even easier to deploy, use and maintain. We are excited that KeynectUp can help ZipBridge customers easily store key information direct to their contact files via one click of a URL link. This enables a speedy rollout and maximizes the effectiveness of their ZipBridge investment," says Nick Rosser, VP of Operations, ZipBridge.