Zumobi Unveils The New Search Secret Weapon for Mobile Marketers

By CIOReview | Monday, January 18, 2016

SEATTLE, WA: Zumobi, a mobile technology company, unveils "Mobile Content Marketing: The New Search Secret Weapon”. The new weapon is a whitepaper that comprises of industry examples, insights and best practices to inform brands of how they can leverage mobile content marketing to enable in-app content to be discoverable in search results for the first time.

Mobile Content marketing leverages the Zumobi Brand Integration (Zbi) Platform in which the in-app content is indexed to broaden a brands search footprint and thereby increasing their SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The In-app content is a library of web-based content with makes use of Application Programming Interface (APIs) for indexing and accessing their contents during the battle of search prominence.

Mobile marketers have gained another vehicle to drive downloads and deepen engagement with an app by pulling people in via search and trigger to push more contents through the app. It entices customers to be an active participant with their brand, thereby maintaining customer connection.  The new secret weapon develops a new revenue stream by introducing personalized and recommended products and services based on their expressed preferences and interests. It also generates behavioral data to gain customer insights and also enhance customer profiles for app re-engagement and cross-channel marketing efforts. The key function of the weapon improves search results and discoverability by implementing an in-app Content Hub and automates the entire app-indexing platform and ensures that all content is optimized for the new era of mobile search. The app indexing provides multiple opportunities for brands by elevating their relevance in search results.

"Mobile content marketing is transforming the digital marketing landscape as a leading strategy for driving customer acquisition, activation, and loyalty," says Ken Willner, CEO of Zumobi.