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Paul Rubin, SVP-POS Product and Engineering
In the world of digitally enriched consumers, restaurants are firefighting the digital demands of the customers while keeping the costs to a minimum. “POS is the heart and soul of operations in every restaurant, starting from order entry all the way to fulfillment of the orders,” says Paul Rubin, SVP-POS Product and Engineering, ParTech, Inc. “We take a holistic approach in improving restaurant operations by providing cutting edge cloud POS capabilities encompassing hardware, software, installation, and support services.” Being in the industry for over 3 decades, PAR Technology is helping restaurant owners streamline their restaurant operations comprehensively, enabling them to stay ‘modern’ and profitable in today’s mobility-driven digital world through its inventive POS technologies. “We have been effective in overlaying our technology into clients’ existing infrastructure, preserving current hardware implementations to avoid the capital expense.”

Having served large scale, multi-unit restaurants such as McDonald’s since inception, PAR Technology’s expertise helps to deliver enterprise class features for multi-unit restaurants ranging to as many as 1,000 outlets spread worldwide. “Our premium cloud-based Brink POS® Software, is a multifaceted solution designed with multi-unit restaurant operators in mind,” says Rubin. Besides having modules for running in-restaurant operations, Brink offers a bevy of capabilities such as Kitchen Display Systems, online and mobile ordering, future order placements, built-in loyalty programs, and survey functionality.

Acting as a Swiss army knife for restaurant owners, Brink helps informed decision making through analytics-based dashboards that stream up-to-date reports about core business operations on the enterprise level. It also has a configuration API that allows third party companies and developers to extend Brink’s capabilities for greater outcomes. Furthermore, Brink supports all the current payment processes prevalent in the market.

Additionally, the software provides a consolidated system of record for both configuration and reporting made accessible on smartphones, tablets, and computer through easy-to-use web-based tools.

Brink POS® is a multifaceted solution designed with multi-unit restaurant operators in mind

“The outcome includes secure payment processing, effective digital interfaces, increased uptime, and reduced dependence on customer support,” asserts Rubin. The software has modular design that supports easy integration of newer functionality and multi-tenancy enterprise applications. Furthermore, the innovative software solutions run seamlessly on a range of devices of varying form factors including fixed terminal or tablet-based POS, enabling restaurants with enhanced user experience.

Earlier, restaurants had to spend more on power, memory, and support services to interface diverse software modules with the POS while still fearing about systems security. PAR Technology tackles these challenges effectively with its principal API that interfaces various software modules to the POS in an agile manner. “By moving the point of integration to cloud, we eliminate expense and security risk involved in third party integration,” notes Rubin.

PAR Technology has developed a hybrid-hosted architecture that moves the system of record to a hosted environment ensuring security of restaurant’s data and backend systems. Through a hybrid approach, PAR customers can run their business without hassle as the events and transactions are recorded offline and synced back to the central data location once the network is functional, ensuring business continuity.

With cloud representing the next chapter in POS management, Rubin says, PAR is buoyant about serving several thousands of customers, educating and empowering them to leverage cloud. “For the future, we plan to continue to disrupt the restaurant arena with inventive technology and thought leadership by working with technologies such as IoT to deliver frictionless digital experience,” concludes Rubin.

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Paul Rubin, SVP-POS Product and Engineering

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