Puget Systems: Building Workstations to Achieve Varied Performance Objectives

Jon Bach, President
A specific task requires a specific tool. More often than not, performance-intense operations require certain hardware configurations and computational horsepower in order to get a job done. That is what High Performance Computing is all about—achieving a desired outcome through the optimization of software and hardware. “The magic of HPC happens when you bring together a good code, quality software, and the appropriate hardware for greater performance and reliability,” explains Jon Bach, President of Puget Systems. Based in Auburn, Washington, Puget Systems specializes in crafting workstations and servers tailored to achieve distinct performance objectives.

The company’s offerings are an amalgamation of hardware and software, configured to deliver reliable performance and application-specific computational horsepower. Puget Systems adopts an educational approach, which involves working with developers and understanding their requirements. Right from the initial stages of assembling a workstation from its bare metal components, to setting up Linux configurations that run projects, customizing these machines involves a thorough understanding of use cases and applications. “Instead of being just an experience company, we are now a customized experience company that can drill into the needs, desires, and pain points of each customer segment,” explains Bach.

Puget Systems caters to industries leveraging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, simulation, and data analytics, all the while specializing in HPC, engineering, and content creation. Such data-driven technologies are building toward a future that requires greater computational power; this advancement brings Puget Systems to the forefront of the HPC space to deliver workstations customized in accordance with various industry requirements. Its recent collaboration with a contractor of Johnson Space Center showcases the company’s proficiency in delivering performance-driven workstations for discrete industry requirements. The contractor needed workstations to train astronauts using Virtual Reality (VR) to simulate various conditions of the outer space. Understanding the use case in depth before the actual deployment was highly essential as the project was built around software with unique performance characteristics.

The magic of HPC happens when you bring together a good code, quality software, and the appropriate hardware to drive optimization and stability

Puget Systems then deployed a series of workstations crafted around VR and simulation to aid the training of astronauts, and the result was noteworthy. Pleased with the performance and reliability of the machines, the contractor invited Puget Systems to experience the training first hand.

Puget Systems concentrates on the entire lifecycle of a product rather than focusing on just the initial stages of installation. Be it a small data center or an entire workstation, the company takes a progressive approach throughout the development phase, checking all the boxes of its clients’ requirements. “When we interact with our customers, it is more of a relationship than just a transaction. We walk with them throughout their journey, assisting them in getting a particular job done,” adds Bach. He goes on to state technologies such as machine learning and data analytics largely interest Puget Systems as they hold the key to the future of innovation, allowing the company to tackle varying needs of its clientele.

Puget Systems is also spending a considerable amount of time with industry leaders and scientists in advanced screening techniques through machine learning. Bach emphasizes the company’s goal is to strengthen its current offerings by diving deeper into customizability and thereby providing more value to customers. Additionally, the company publishes benchmarks, thermal imagery, and real-time results as a workstation gets assembled, ensuring its client that Puget Systems’ goal is not to only sell workstations, but to have an ongoing relationship throughout its lifecycle.

Puget Systems

Auburn, WA

Jon Bach, President

Designs custom workstations and servers for performance driven applications, emphasizing customization over every aspect of each computer

Puget Systems