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Jeff Eiben, Principal Owner
Back in 2011, when data science was still in its infancy, River Point Technology was actively engaged in helping enterprises identify the massive opportunities that lie within the ambit of data. Most companies were not ready for this tectonic shift and lacked the resources to delve into the realm of data. Aiming to fill the gap, one of the early initiatives that River Point Technology undertook was a business consulting approach to help companies define their business values and prepare an actionable roadmap before implementing an appropriate technology. Today, River Point Technology is well-positioned to help businesses in their digital transformation drive by not only providing a well-rounded business consultation service but also offering a state-of-the-art, 360-degree data science solution through a unique subscription-based business model.

Substantiating the need for subscription-based business intelligence solutions, Jeff Eiben, principal owner of River Point Technology, says, “The industry is fragmented with numerous piecemeal data analytics solutions and most enterprises either do not have the precise technical expertise or the right set of tools to leverage their data.” River Point Technology, identifying the painstaking process that businesses go through while optimizing new IT infrastructure, aims to take the complexity of implementing new technologies off the table and empower them with the technological expertise to transform data into the most prized business resource. “While a company’s process engineers and managers are adept in their domain, what they often lack is the technical ability to leverage their own data to create broader, more predictive insights—this is where we come in,” says Eiben.

Eiben also elucidates how businesses have difficulty in managing the large volume of data being generated every day. “Inaccurate data is another major concern among organizations today. As its volume keeps increasing, the chances of generating valuable insights keep reducing,” he adds. Aiming to rectify the situation, River Point Technology’s 360° data management system ensures the maintenance of a repository of accurate and non-redundant information that businesses can leverage.
When it comes to delivering solutions, River Point Technology employs a phased approach to tackle clients’ problems. The process begins by mapping out all the business operations that are acting in silos to create a flowchart of the complete workflow. This not only defines the data sets that are already available to be leveraged but also checks the requirements for any additional data sources that can be utilized to drive deeper insights through their business intelligence tools. Moreover, Eiben believes, “Data science is not a one-time project, rather a long-term, partner-wide initiative, and if you don’t reciprocate to the needs of your clients, your BI attempts remain unsuccessful.”

River Point Technology’s 360° data management system ensures the maintenance of a repository of accurate and non-redundant information that businesses can leverage

While River Point Technology’s data science solutions are industry-agnostic, it places considerable focus on manufacturing companies, where the penetration of BI is relatively less but opportunities are unbounded. Eiben narrates an instance of one of their clients, a global manufacturing company. As the client’s production demand kept expanding, its traditional processes became outdated. River Point Technology analyzed the situation and identified segments of the business process that could be improved or automated. Utilizing the insights, the manufacturer streamlined their processes and significantly increased the volume of production to meet their target deliverables.

Eiben strongly believes that River Point Technology’s distinctive workforce—a riveting mix of technologists and consultants—is the “secret sauce” behind the company’s consistent growth over the years. Proficient in comprehending business needs and technology parameters, River Point Technology’s workforce truly stands out when it comes to ensuring shorter process cycles when implementing solutions. Moving ahead, Eiben is confident that their subscription-based business model shall be a game-changer in the BI marketplace in the coming years.

River Point Technology

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Jeff Eiben, Principal Owner

Offers a comprehensive range of next-generation BI solutions through a subscription-based business model

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