Rootstock Software: The #1 Manufacturing ERP on the Salesforce Platform Helps Manufacturers Adapt to Today’s Most Pressing Challenges

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David Stephans, CEO
Together, Salesforce and Rootstock Software have evolved as powerful forces, closely partnered in the manufacturing industry. With Manufacturing Cloud offered by Salesforce, manufacturers have in-depth Sales and Service business capabilities, but they also need capabilities to oversee manufacturing operations, like engineering, production, supply chain, and inventory.


Rootstock offers the only Manufacturing Cloud ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) on the Salesforce Platform, and because manufacturers need precise control over their operational areas, Rootstock’s ability to serve as a “manufacturing operating system” has made it the ERP of choice for those already using Salesforce or those planning to.

One analyst firm found that Rootstock Cloud ERP delivered over four times (4x) the ROI as on-premises deployments. This firm interviewed several Rootstock customers and found that its ERP reduced IT overhead by 40% and shortened the entire lead-to-cash journey by up to 75%.

“By using Salesforce at the frontend and Rootstock at the backend, manufacturers can truly transform their operations for the post-pandemic era,” says David Stephans, CEO of Rootstock Software.

The pandemic laid bare the weakness of not having a Cloud ERP. Manufacturers who didn’t already have secure access to cloud solutions for remote work were challenged to continue to operate during shutdowns and other disruptions. But Rootstock customers didn’t miss a beat. For example, Chad Lowman, Director of Corporate Business Systems at Fike Corporation, launched Rootstock Cloud ERP without hosting a single in-person meeting with vendors.

Today, a manufacturing company may have anywhere from 50 to over 100 business solutions. Since Rootstock is native to the Salesforce Platform, manufacturers benefit from its ability to plug-n-play with other enterprise systems and point solutions. Customers don’t have to worry about custom integrations which are costly and disruptive.

Using Rootstock and Salesforce together also enables manufacturers to leverage a common data model, which eliminates the cumbersome process of data reconciliation. With everyone across the enterprise sharing a unified data set, business leaders can confidently rely on their business metrics to make informed decisions.
Rootstock also enables manufacturers to intelligently oversee costs, logistics, materials, production, and more. By connecting in-house teams with external customers and suppliers, manufacturers gain real-time, 360° visibility of their customers with Salesforce and their entire value chain with Rootstock.

Legacy solutions haven’t been able to deliver this level of connectivity, real-time data accuracy, and agility—but it is exactly what manufacturers need in the face of ongoing challenges on multiple fronts. From labor shortages and skills gaps to inflation and geopolitical issues, manufacturers are being pushed to the brink, and many have had to re-think their business strategies to adapt and compete.

By using Salesforce at the frontend and Rootstock at the backend, manufacturers can truly transform their operations for the post-pandemic era

Rootstock delivers several benefits to help them achieve those objectives—first, it’s a future-proof solution. Rootstock customers have transparent access to best-in-class Salesforce platform capabilities, such as Salesforce Lightning, Einstein AI, and natural language processing (NLP), all of which enhance the user experience.

Second, Rootstock ERP is specifically built for manufacturers, so it supports the fundamental workstreams of inventory, production, and financial management. In addition, Rootstock is continually developing new ways of making a manufacturer more efficient, profitable, and sustainable. For example, Matouk, a fine linens manufacturer, added Rootstock’s mobile capabilities to its shop floor, reducing lead times by 50%. In another example, to help address ongoing volatility to supply chains, Rootstock launched Digital Supplier Collaboration. These capabilities enable manufacturers to receive digital signals in real-time. As a result, they’re aware of impending disruptions and can work with suppliers to mitigate risks before they impact plan-source-make-deliver cycles.

Third, Rootstock's people bring decades of rich manufacturing and ERP experience to the table, with team members dedicated to helping customers succeed.

Due to all these factors, Rootstock continues to be ranked by industry analysts as an ERP in the “Leader” category.

In short, by leveraging Rootstock, manufacturers get more from their IT spend and can improve profitability, as well as being able to respond and adapt to market changes.

Rootstock Software

San Ramon, CA

David Stephans, CEO

Rootstock Software provides the #1 Manufacturing ERP on the Salesforce Platform. This solution gives manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain organizations a single platform to grow and manage their business.

Rootstock Software