Rootstock Software: Mission Critical ERP Solutions

Pat Garrehy, CEO
With nearly thirty years of remarkable experience in management, sales and technology, Pat Garrehy, CEO, Rootstock Software, was insightful and quick to sense the changes happening in the manufacturing landscape. The ongoing proliferation of cloud has completely transformed role and importance of ERP solutions in the manufacturing. Having a strong belief on this growing footprint of cloud, Garrehy founded Rootstock in 2008 to offer nimble and powerful cloud based (SaaS) manufacturing ERP solutions.

“Today’s enterprises need centralized services that support reliability, security, and consistency in their manufacturing operations. The other challenge is to support all of these services at a cost that is far lesser than ‘do it yourself’ (DOIY) methods,” delineates Garrehy. Rootstock addresses these requirements by providing a broad range of cloud ERP manufacturing solutions for areas including sales order management, production engineering, inventory management, shop floor control, project control, and many more. The deployment of such diverse solutions results in increased revenue, effective cost-cuts, and improved processes for manufacturers. “Our tailored ERP solutions act as a game changer for those enterprises who wants to seamlessly integrate various manufacturing operations through minimal IT investment,” says Garrehy.

Headquartered at San Ramon, CA, the company’s completely scalable manufacturing ERP solutions are built on cloud computing platform to support both the front and back manufacturing operations for any discrete manufacturer. The platform brings forth the intelligence into the company’s ERP solutions like Build to Order, Build to Stock, and Engineer to Order, by catering to the system requirements of different manufacturers. Furthermore, these solutions possess the unique ability to be used for both small and large operations with few or many users. “Our powerful cloud ERP solution on Force platform is flexible for diverse conditions—whether standard cost or moving operations cost; single or multi-plant environment,” explains Garrehy. Additionally, Rootstock’s ERP offering also include features like “out of box” integration with, mobile accessibility, and use of specialized communication mechanism. “The competencies of our solution offer greater visibility into client’s manufacturing systems and processes. This in turn helps them in becoming more responsive towards critical customer needs,” adds Garrehy.
The company’s suite of modules in the ERP focuses on integration of various subsystems of manufacturing process. Those processes include generation of the order for suppliers; creation of list of instructions for product manufacturer; tracing the source of supply; segregating the production costs, and many more. “By wiring up all the essential manufacturing touch points in real-time, our solution enables seamless interconnectivity between various operations,” extols Garrehy. This elevated performance of Rootstock’s solution enables the firm to serve eminent clientele spread across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

In one instance, 1st Light Energy, installer of custom designed solar panels, needed an easier method to manage data and measure the inter-relationship between sales, finance, purchasing and inventory. “We were looking for a comprehensive ERP system that could support our multiple sites with one instance on Force. com platform,” points out Justin Krum, CEO, 1st Light Energy.

Our powerful cloud based ERP solution on Force platform is flexible for diverse conditions—whether standard cost or moving operations cost; single or multi-plant environment

The deployment of cloud-based Rootstock manufacturing solutions benefited the client with smooth interactivity across Salesforce and Force. com. This resulted in delivering the client deeper operational insights and control over their diversified systems. “Within just ten months of deploying our solution, the customer was able to significantly reduce their Cost Of Goods Sold (COGS),” expresses Garrehy.

Going ahead, Rootstock plans to integrate with’s AppExchange, a business app store featuring thousands of enterprise applications. “With our dedicated partners such as, FinancialForce. com, Avalara and Zencraft, we are looking forward to strengthening the cloud based manufacturing ERP solutions,” concludes Garrehy.

Rootstock Software

San Ramon, CA

Pat Garrehy, CEO

The Company delivers cloud based manufacturing ERP solutions in partnership with platform.