Sembly AI: Driving the Future of AI-Driven Meeting Assistant

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Gil Makleff, Co-Founder & CEO and Artem Koren, Co-Founder & CPO
Online collaboration technologies have become increasingly common in business decision-making. The focus is now on improving the functionalities of online communication tools and making virtual collaboration more productive.

Sembly AI has taken up the torch in stretching the video conferencing capabilities for businesses with collaborative AI technology. The proprietary AI algorithms in its SaaS platform enable seamless transcription and analysis of the discussion points, generating actionable insights that drive business decisions.

“Our platform, rather than taking the place of people, achieves a seamless collaboration between AI and humans to maximize the benefits for businesses,” states Gil Makleff, co-founder and CEO of Sembly AI.

Sembly AI permeates the daily work settings of typical professionals, whether working remotely, on a conference call, or in a face-to-face meeting. The user-friendly AI platform participates in conversations, comprehends them, and offers valuable points to enhance decision-making. It makes meetings more effective by taking and organizing notes, distilling follow-up tasks, and reducing the overall length of meetings.

Sembly AI is easy to use. One has to simply sign up and connect the platform to their digital calendar. Sembly AI agent will join any call it is invited to, introduce itself, and record the call. Shortly after the call, automated meeting notes, a high-accuracy transcript, and an intelligent summary appear in the platform’s interface.

Whether someone is present at the meeting or watching a recording, participants only pick up a fraction of what is said; a majority of information is lost or forgotten. The nuances of human speech make it difficult for conventional AI to capture the context of specific words, which is not the case with Sembly AI.

“Kodama, our proprietary AI-powered technology for modern enterprise systems mimics the human brain’s ability to categorize and prioritize information,” says Artem Koren, co-founder and CPO of Sembly AI.

Sembly AI analyses the meeting, parses high-value points, and summarizes it. The transition from unstructured meetings to structured summaries enables participants to make the meeting more productive and add significant value to business decisions. It uses natural language understanding to capture and concisely summarize meeting content. Sembly AI’s glance technology provides a topical digest of a meeting, improving people’s ability to glean vital takeaways, cutting through the clutter, and retaining the elements of the highest importance.

Effectively understanding and transcribing speech in professional environments, Sembly AI creates a durable digital artifact of a meeting stored in the Meeting Cloud. Meeting content is searchable, shareable, and can be reviewed anytime for sync-up and follow-on while maintaining strong access controls.

Our platform, rather than taking the place of people, achieves a seamless symbiosis between AI and humans to maximize the benefits for businesses

Sembly AI’s capabilities were highlighted when one of its clients wished to boost collaboration inside their organization by enabling more people to comprehend the discussions in meetings. Sembly AI assisted them by joining calls and recording them. It provided an AI-generated summary, along with a list of key topics, events, and choices from the meeting, facilitating a quick review of the hour-long discussion. The client reduced the number of participants by 25 percent, allowing team members to focus on other tasks.

This is just one of the many success stories of Sembly AI. Backed by the vast expertise of Makleff and Koren in enterprise management, consulting, and operational management consulting, it has become a one-stop solution for the corporate meeting arena. Moving forward, Sembly AI aims to add agile integration components under its wings of services and strengthen its position in the marketplace.

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New York City, NY

Gil Makleff, Co-Founder & CEO and Artem Koren, Co-Founder & CPO

Sembly AI is a SaaS platform that helps companies get the most value from working team meetings. Sembly AI is built on a foundation of machine learning capabilities combined with a deep knowledge of the corporate processes to produce a powerful voice AI platform. Sembly AI uses proprietary AI algorithms to transcribe and analyze meetings, transforming them into actionable insights

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