Service Objects: Fighting Fraud with Genuine, Accurate and Up-To-Date Data

Geoffrey Grow, CEO
The digital age has brought along with it a fair share of online fraudulent activities, causing businesses across industries to deal with bogus or inaccurate contact information. Founded over 15 years ago, Service Objects started as a consulting firm that built e-commerce systems and quickly evolved into a SaaS company that offers an array of services for contact validation. Protecting our clients from “people doing bad things from bad locations, is what drives us’’ as stated by Geoffrey Grow, CEO, Service Objects. “Businesses look to us when they want to ensure that every contact record in every database is as accurate, genuine, and up-to-date as possible.’’

Service Objects provides tools that cleanse, validate and enhance contact data, helping their clients “make better decisions about their customers and how they serve them.’’ explains Grow. Whether the contact records come from lead generation, sales, recruitment, list purchases, or existing contact records, most enterprises understand the need to constantly monitor, refine, and improve the quality of their records. In addition, Service Objects uses demographics and big data to provide competitive advantages by revealing hidden insights about leads and customers.

“We’re constantly developing new data quality algorithms, and have started using machine learning to improve our ability to identify fraudulent transactions,’’ states Grow. Service Objects is the only company to combine the freshest USPS address data, with exclusive phone information and demographic data. Continuous expansion of their authoritative data sets allows Service Objects to validate billions of addresses and phone numbers around the world, making their information exceptionally accurate and complete. Acknowledging competition in the cloud, machine learning, and big data spaces, “we continue to leverage and build unique data sets,’’ says Grow.

Service Objects takes data security serious and takes the upmost measures to ensure their customers’ data is protected. “Our customers are often very wary about sending this information through a web service or an API,’’ explains Grow, hence “we ensure that every transaction sent to us uses an industrial-strength 256-Bit Encryption.

We are global specialists in real-time contact record due diligence

We don’t keep any logs or client databases, and we never write any of their information to a persistent file. Once a transaction is complete, all that information is erased.’’

Service Objects’ DOTS Lead Validation service brings a different approach to determining the quality of a lead. By establishing if leads are genuine or fraudulent, clients can create rules and operations that improve the efficacy of their sales cycles and remove fraudulent leads. “Fraud is a big game of Cat and Mouse and we are relentlessly focused on improving our mousetraps,’’ as Grow describes it. “Our lead validation service is very exciting because it uses almost all of our data quality services and provides a lead quality score that our customers can use to build better sales processes.’’

As part of a comprehensive support framework for their customers, Service Objects’ system has ‘a high level of availability,’ as Grow puts it.” It gives us only a margin of error of 26 seconds of allowed downtime per month. Our guaranteed uptime is the industry’s only financially backed service level agreement. We are proud to stand behind our services.’’ Service Objects has multiple ways to integrate their services into their client’s systems. “98 percent of our customers connect through our real-time API or the web-service interface, and a smaller percentage use cloud-based connectors,’’ explains Grow.

What lies ahead for Service Objects is a commitment to “more international data, as many of our clients are doing business outside of the United States and Canada’’ concludes Grow. ‘’The European and Asian markets are becoming increasingly important places for U.S.-based companies and it is important for us to expand our product offerings and our expertise in more regions of the world.’’

Service Objects

Santa Barbara, CA

Geoffrey Grow, CEO

Service Objects is the leading contact validation service provider in the industry, protecting its customers from fraudulent, inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date data

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