Gamification And Efficacy In Education Technology

Gamification And Efficacy In Education Technology

Dr. Jeremy N. Friedberg, Partner, Spongelab Interactive

Pulling the Pieces Together in the Insurance Industry

Angelyn Treutel Zeringue, CPA, President, Southgroup Insurance Gulf Coast

Patriot Technology Solutions: Spearheading Innovation in Insurance

Judith Haddad, President & CEO,Patriot Technology Solutions

Agile Financial Technologies Inc.: Agility in the age of technology disruption for insurance and investment firms

Agile Financial Technologies Inc.:...

Kalpesh Desai, Founder & CEO,Agile Financial Technologies Inc

Kaboodle: Collaborative of Innovative Solutions for Insurers

Kaboodle: Collaborative of Innovative...

Jeff Brown, President,Kaboodle

Tada Cognitive Solutions: InsurTech Solutions

Tada Cognitive Solutions: InsurTech...

Sudhama Gopalan, Senior Vice President,Tada Cognitive Solutions